Here at TriCounties Speech Services, Inc., we love what we do. We love working with children, adults, families, and helping everyone reach their full potential. We are dedicated to treat each client and family with the most up-to-date research-based treatment available. Each therapist at TriCounties Speech Services, Inc. has a passion for speech therapy, Early Intervention, and understands the value of communication in each persons life.

As therapists we share your concern and uncertainty that you may feel as a result of your child’s delay or condition . We look forward to assisting.
  • Lorena Hurtado Scalmanini, MA, CCC-BSLP
  • Jovita Barron Reyes, MA, CCC-BSLP
  • Veronica Hernandez, BA, Early Interventionist
  • Raisa Arce, BA, Early Interventionist
  • Sara Barron, BA, Early Interventionist


Jovita Barron Reyes
Lorena Scalmanini

Sara Barron
Early Interventionist
Veronica Hernandez
Early Interventionist
Raisa Arce
Early Interventionist
Nicole Judah
Early Interventionist
Mary Barron
Bilingual Early Interventionist
Evelyn Rodriguez
Early Interventionist
Deanna Brazys
Speech Language Pathologist
Crystal Cornejo
Administrative Assistant

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